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The collective wants you to go deeper, but only if you are feeling strongly guided. 

This meditation is for private sessions with Suzanne, and for transitional days in a Zoom room setting.

Thousands of people have participated in Suzanne's You Tube Meditations! 

Join her, this month of the 11:11 Gateway for this NEW Meditation from the Collective


  • Step through the Gateway with a higher vibration 

  • Connect to who you want to become in 2020

  • Dig a little deeper,

  • Enjoy the deep healing, awakening and love that is offered

  • Awaken deeper Spiritual aspects of who you are

  • Intergalactic Integration

  • Soul Integration

  • Enjoy the connection with the Collective

  • Mother Mary, Jesus, AAMetatron, AAMichael. and more

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I was excited for the evening ahead as I was invited to join Suzanne online to experience her new mediation. As the time approached approximately two hours before hand I felt a wave of blissful energy around and through my body. I realized Suzanne’s Divine team was with me in advance of the actual meditation.

The mediation was quite an experience. I feel more intensely than I see lately but during this time as I allowed myself to relax into her voice and the energy I had many visuals; water (deep cleansing, emotions) myself as the observer (allowing) standing at the water’s edge watching as the waves calmly rippled in the moonlight (Magic). I wore a band of flowers on my head, with a white dress, flowing strands in the wind. I felt the sand under my feet (grounded) I turned to see a large quartz crystal (Amplified). I then envisioned what looked like tiny scales of color to an eye which zoomed in to the iris as a tail fin flipped in the pupil.. Wow

Near the end I felt what seemed to be a portal of golden matter above me. I believe this mediation was timely with the 11/11 portal coming. A complete, deep cleansing of what no longer serves to take a leap of faith into the next timelines of new earth that waits for all of us.

My feeling was one of connection to Mother Earth as she transitions on her journey, we are joining her in birthing a new age as we dream a new world into being.

Today I continue to feel the energies integrating within the body and heart.

Many Blessings Suzanne for the invitation🙏

And so much Gratitude to her Team of Light and Mother Earth for a magical experience ✨

Anne M Qshi Facilitator 

Join Me

Thursday November 21, 2019

7pm EST 

On line in Zoom 

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