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Personal Forecast


16 month plan of ACTION

to a better you

Bonus: Access to 3 Private

White Light Meditations

Due to the high demand, Please allow up to 3 days to receive your reading

Also Please make sure I can send reading to your Paypal email address, or provide me with an up to date address. Thank you. 

Your Personal Forecast will be emailed directly to you ! 


I will work with the White Light Collective, and your Higher Self directly to focus on what they would like you to work on in regard to your spiritual growth for 2020 and the next Decade! 

Your personal Spiritual Forecast 

For Each Season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) 

I will tap in and find out what they would like you to work on.


It may be health, it may be mindset, emotions, or many other things to help you advance quickly on your ascension path.

You can tell me something you would like to overcome, and I will find out what is involved for you to achieve it!

From now until the end of the year, I will be offering this service for a really good deal!

The information to participate in the #8 Meditation will be forwarded to you once it is set up in Zoom. 

Thank you for your participating in this NEW and exciting Forecast Reading!! 

It really gives you a kick start into the next dacade, but truly, you can start this journey when you are guided to do so ;) 

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