About Suzanne 

  • Owner: White Dragonfly Healing

  • Qshi - Quantum Soul Healing Integration

  • Founder/Teacher / Coach/ Facilitator in Person and Remote Sessions

  • QHHT - Practitioner

  • Usui / Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher

  • Angle Fire Reiki Master Teacher

  • Intuitive Healer

  • Angel Intuitive Card Reader and Designer

  • Author

  • Singer Songwriter

  • Artist

  • You Tube Channel Host

  • Word Press Blogs 

Excellence and Professionalism

Giving 100% from the heart and passionately speaking truth as guided by her Higher Self and Council of Nine Angels, gives Suzanne the ability to shift the low energies that sometimes hold her clients hostage.

This encouragement helps her clients step out of fear, and uncertainty, and to embrace love and life. 

This is the reason why Suzanne has many who follow her work on Facebook, her musicYou Tube Videos, blogs, and who don't hesitate to travel long distances to have Quantum Healing Sessions with her. 

Always Shifting Forward
Stepping into Reiki healing work was a natural transition for Suzanne

.Using her healing hands started at a young age, while aiding her horses during the birth process, and taking care of their many needs which involved hands on interaction. 

 In  later years, as a  Hairstylist, spanning more than 3 decades she helped women to feel good about their appearance while offering inspirational words, and advice when life  stories, concerns and heart ache were shared in confidence as she stood behind the chair 

As an artist, Musician and writer, the use of her hands has enabled her and contributed to the work and heartfelt energy she shares with the world. 

"When you are working in a way that embraces your passion...it doesn't feel like work at all" Suzanne

Maggie & Oscar

It's important to note that Maggie and Oscar are an important part of Suzanne's healing team. They help with grounding in sessions, Although not in the room, it is important to  know that they are in the healing facility 

If you have allergies, this may hinder you having a session. Apologies in advance if this is the case.

Suzanne's Credentials

  • Owner of White Dragonfly Healing
  • Creator of Quantum Soul Healing Integration - Qshi
  • Internationally recognized as a Quantum Soul Healer, helping thousands of people around the globe.
  • QSHI Quantum Soul Healing Practitioner (in person and Remote in Canada,USA, Europe
  • QHHT Practitioner 100% in person sessions (now offering Remote Sessions)
  • 3 Decades of intuitive light work, working one on one with women to regain confidence direction in their life.
  • Owner of The Wigs and Hair Studio- close to a decade aiding women with Cancer and hair loss, and providing Reiki with the Angels.34 years in the hair industry.
  • Experience working in a Physiotherapy setting and as a Clerk at a Dr.'s Clinic allows for great in site during the Body Scan in each session.
  • Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher - training  2013 to present
  • Angel Fire Reiki Master / Teacher  (working with Collective in Reiki 2013 to present )
  • Teaching Angel Intuitive- Card Reader Workshops.
  • You Tube Channel hostess ( 300+ available Videos to watch, of sessions, and intuitive readings
  • Nominated for the Bernice Adams Literary Writing and Communication award 2005  & 2018
  • Writer -Author of 3 Books listed below
  • Angel's They Say It's Time (Balboa Press/Hay House)
  • The Single Married Chick, by personal order only
  • Victory One Man's Inspirational Journey with MS
  • 2 Word Press Blogs (Angel Intuitive Blog) (Angel's They Say It's Time)
  • Singer Songwriter, musician
  • 2 Professionally Recorded CD's Below
  • From There to Here
  • PUSH
  • Creator of Angle Encouragement Card Deck (no longer in distribution) but these cards are utilized when consulting with her team during live online and in person readings.
  • Artist
  • Creator
  • Campaign Manager - Victory Tour for MS, organizing fundraisers,arranging for City Hall Dignitaries to meet  with Robert, School Visits,  International Coverage, and Canada Wide TV and Radio coverage over a 10 month period, also organizing 45 police escorts and 125 Newspaper Interviews. Across Canada.
  • Volunteering Musical talent at fundraisers, festivals, Charity events and open Mic functions over a 10 year period. Occasionally still playing at local venues on Open Mic Nights.
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