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Below you will find practitioners who have received

Angel Fire Reiki  and incorporate it with their previous Reiki Healing Style. Also  Qshi Practitioners and those also listed below with both modalities.

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Suzanne Bertolas

Angel Fire Reiki Master/ Teacher

Holy Fire III Reiki Master/ Teacher

Cambridge, Ontario

Recommendations for Reiki /Meditation Music / Energy tools for Protection


                           Prosad Freeman - Infinite Ocean


                           ENERGY TOOLS - For protection and balancing

                           Rion DeRouen - Etheric Tech


Powered Chestehedron & Bedset

Please Note: Qshi Is constantly evolving as are the students who participate in classes and facilitate sessions. 
If you are a Client, who is seeking a facilitator for a session of your own. Apart from those who book with me directly, please be confident knowing that the  men and women who are posted on this page, are CURRENTLY  and ACTIVELY in constant contact with me in regard to sessions they are facilitating.  They also are participating beyond their training in our monthly zoom room 'session support group.
ALSO: Please note, that all students are at different stages in their training. Some have free sessions available and some are doing sessions for donations or a small fee. Please respect the point of their training that they are at, knowing that even free sessions have a lot of energy put into them for you to give you the best possible healing session you can achieve at your current level of awakening  on your spiritual path. 
If you have been offered Qshi Sessions by anyone other than those listed on this page, PLEASE contact me directly for clarification and validation of their training. Some interns do not wish to be listed, however with that being said, please check in with me to make sure the person offering you a session is in fact a Qshi Student.  HERE
If you are a Student and NOT listed ( It is not personal) I have not heard from you. 
Please check in with me to let me know how you are doing with your sessions, so I can put you up on the page also. 

Angel Fire Reiki Practitioners and Locations Below.

Qshi Practitioners

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Eva Murphy -   Cambridge, Ontario           

Avijit Jhyont,      Brampton, Ontario       

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Johnny Sage     Los Angeles CA

Melissa Lund       Southern Utah         

Ernesto Molina     Amarillo Texas       

Ursula Ramjit -     Claremont,

                                   New Hampshire    

Nedda Judeh -   Austin Texas             

Amy Johnson -     Albuquerque,

                                   New Mexico           

Natasha Parvin - Central Arkansas


Terri Koefed - Greenriver, Wyoming

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