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White Light Body Scan

Healing Meditations

channeled by Suzanne

  • Overseen by Jesus - to bring through healing.

  • 30 minutes to an hour

  • Guided and self interactive

  • Deep clearing

  • Visual and metaphysical experience sometimes occur. 

  • You may experience deep peace

  • Energy flowing, tingles, heat or cold sensations

  • Your experience will be unique!  

Be open minded and ready to let go of control for the best possible outcome for the 6th White light Body Scan Healing Meditation.


Testimonials from the First Participants for this Meditation :

The energies were so strong that my phone overheated. It has NEVER done that. This meditation was much stronger for me and very profound. I am a fortunate person in that my life is great. Therefore, I was sending healing to others who need it. I know this was for me to heal. So, I came back around and asked for an issue from my past that I've been dealing with and I believe it has been causing my hip to hurt. My hip has not hurt at all since this meditation 

S.K Qshi Facilitator 

I felt cool air and images brought forth. And received clearing of those energies. After each one i seen purple, green, white with black in it moving together as one . Like they were dancing together.

K.B Qshi Facilitator

I was excited for the evening ahead as I was invited to join Suzanne online to experience her new mediation. As the time approached approximately two hours before hand I felt a wave of blissful energy around and through my body. I realized Suzanne’s Divine team was with me in advance of the actual meditation.

The mediation was quite an experience. I feel more intensely than I see lately but during this time as I allowed myself to relax into her voice and the energy I had many visuals; water (deep cleansing, emotions) myself as the observer (allowing) standing at the water’s edge watching as the waves calmly rippled in the moonlight (Magic). I wore a band of flowers on my head, with a white dress, flowing strands in the wind. I felt the sand under my feet (grounded) I turned to see a large quartz crystal (Amplified). I then envisioned what looked like tiny scales of color to an eye which zoomed in to the iris as a tail fin flipped in the pupil.. Wow

Near the end I felt what seemed to be a portal of golden matter above me. I believe this mediation was timely with the 11/11 portal coming. A complete, deep cleansing of what no longer serves to take a leap of faith into the next timelines of new earth that waits for all of us.

My feeling was one of connection to Mother Earth as she transitions on her journey, we are joining her in birthing a new age as we dream a new world into being.

Today I continue to feel the energies integrating within the body and heart.

Many Blessings Suzanne for the invitation🙏

And so much Gratitude to her Team of Light and Mother Earth for a magical experience ✨

A.M Qshi Facilitator 



Angel Fire Reiki - How it has become part of Quantum Soul Healing Integration. This new frequency actually came forward specifically for those who take Suzanne's Qshi -Quantum Soul Healing Integration Course. But it has now been extended to already qualified energy workers.


Angel Fire Reiki is a continual and evolving healing modality and source of energy from creator the Angels and the Universe.


Since 2013, God, and the Angels have been working with Suzanne to create and understand the method in which this Reiki will be utilized by those who learn and embody it's newest form. It has EVOLVED in a magnificent way, from merely understanding how to work with the Angelic Realm during Reiki sessions, to an actual energy transfer and embodiment of this new frequency form God,


 In 2018 before the initiation of her first official Qshi class, Suzanne was downloaded in a series of visions and understandings, the process in which her students would receive a transfer of AFR


  • This highly refined energy is channeled from God, through the Rainbow light energy source and the Blue light collective, straight to the individual. (without interaction from Suzanne)

  •  It helps to activate and refine psychic abilities, intuitiveness, knowing, Visions, Hearing and understanding as you connect with the collective during healing sessions.

  •  it is a powerful cleanser for the practitioner , to release and remove stagnant energy to be replaced by the new frequency Light energy in the second transfer.

  • It will amplify the energy in your current healing sessions, to bring more clarity and clearing for your clients.

  • It is undeniable powerful and life changing experience.

  • You will be able to embody more light energy which is necessary, in order to work with the highly refined frequency that the collective embodies and brings forward in sessions.

Feedback from a Reiki Practitioner who received the Original AFR Upgrade! 

This past month I went through a lot of clearing of emotions and old Past Life stuff from the first AFR.  It was a bit rough but worth it :) 

I traded Reiki sessions with my Reiki Master a few weeks ago and she said my energy felt different. It was more refined and finer like finer grained like nano particles, silky.  Like it could reach smaller spaces.

And she said that while she worked on me there was a whole group of beings there that she had to kind of elbow her way in to work on me LOL

Testimonials after an AFR Session with Suzanne

I highly recommend this. I've had Reiki before but NOTHING like this! I was vibrating so much, I've never felt that kind of energy! I also recommend doing one of Suzanne's White Light Healing meditations the evening before, it seemed to prepare me for the session.
Sandra Beaulieu

I Just had a chakra balancing and reiki session from this deal and it was amazing!! Thank you so much! I highly recommend it 
Jocelyn Doyle

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