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Angle Fire Reiki 


Reiki in its self is a very relaxing way to relieve stress, anxiety and deep rooted pain. It helps to release blocks and low energies from the body bringing the client back to a more grounded and centred space within their own spirit. 

Angel Fire Reiki, is a beautiful combination of the highly refined  energy from our creator brought through by the Rainbow Collective, and combined with the healing white light of the Angles.

Reiki is channeled through the crown chakra  of the practitioner, and out through the hands of the to the client. 

The client lies on a comfortable Reiki Bed, fully clothed, and relaxed, and the energy is administered to the client through hovering above the body, or with light touch with permission from the client. Hands generally become very hot and is quite noticeable by the client, as they feel the comfort of the warm energy flow through their body. 

A session can run anywhere form 45 minutes to  an hour or more. Each client receives exactly what they require as guided by their own angelic team or guides.

Suzanne's intuitive connection to the Angels, and ability to see where they may be helping during the healing sessions allows for a very powerful healing experience for the client. 

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