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Please Note:

By making this payment I have read and agreed to the Terms

and Conditions for

The White light Body Scan Healing Meditation

with Suzanne Bertolas of White Dragonfly Healing.

All information you require to enter the Webinar Zoom Room on the evening of the meditation is provided for you on your receipt and approval of Registration.

Please keep the information safe.


Test the link early to make sure your device is compatible. But the room will NOT open until I enter it on the night of the meditation.

Also please note: In order to facilitate this meditation and be calm, and centred, I need time before i start to become prepared in that space to hold the amount of light necessary to do this for you all.

I will NOT be available to answer emails, texts or FB messages on the day of the meditation.


thank you,

See you at the Meditation!

Love and Hugs


$ 13.33 CND
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