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Hypnosis / Mediation

By proceeding to the check out , you agree with the terms set below.

I voluntarily agree by continue to the check out, for payment, that I agree to assumption of risks, because I fully understand that Suzanne Bertolas who is going to perform hypnosis/meditation is NOT a Doctor, nor has a degree in psychiatry and can neither diagnose nor treat any type of physical or mental disorder.  
• I am participating in hypnosis/meditation  by my own choice because I want and choose to be here.
• I understand that I am not a patient, but a co-operator in my hypnosis/meditation experience.
• I understand that any suggestion that is made during this session is only a part of a personal and educational motivation program and is only informative.
•  I understand that my progress here involves how I care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
• I understand that this hypnosis/meditation session is exclusively for educational or emotional reasons. It is not intended to be in any way used as medical or psychological advice, this can only be given by a medical professional or a mental health specialist.
• I understand that transformation is a process and that it can take time.  
• I understand I am paying for the time of Suzanne Bertolas and not the results of my sessions that I may be expecting to achieve.  
DISCLAIMER: Hypnosis /meditation is not intended to cure any specific condition. I make absolutely no claims of a cure for any disease. Individual results may vary. Each session is unique, and its success depends on your cooperation and faith in the process.  


Suzanne Bertoals works with individuals who are on an Awakening and Metaphysical Spiritual path.
Agreed upon by client when payment is made to Suzanne Bertolas/ White Dragonfly Healing


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