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GENERAL Qshi Outline of Course

Certificate Received after completion of Course
It is always shifting and changing as new techniques and ideas come forward from the collective. 
Please Note: The course curriculum will shift depending on the format you are participating in. 
This is a General Guideline for an evolving course and the class will cover a wide variety of topics and scenarios, with Q & A, examples, videos. Curriculum is subject to change without notice.  
Day One - Friday 7pm - 9pm EST  or 1pm - 3pm if European Students attend
  • Introduction
  • Check all equipment (mic, camera)
  • Getting acquainted with our class and meeting each other
  • Angel Fire Reiki upgrade meditation (first part) 
  • Discussion and questions about the next two days. 
  • End off night.
Day Two  Saturday 10:00 am - 6pm
  • Section 1 - What is Quantum Soul Healing Integration
  • Section 2 - Deep Relaxation / Hypnotic Trance
  • Section 3 - Working with the Collective
  • Section 4 - Sessions In Person ( all that is involved from first meeting a client to post session
  • Section 5 - Remote Sessions 
  • Section 6 - Business
Day Three Sunday 10:00 am - 6pm
  • Discussion
  • Q&A
  • Practice Session in the afternoon
  • Q&A
  • End off class.
Although we follow the format of the course as close as we can.  sometimes we get off track or focus on one area more than another due to Student interest and concern.
With continued learning after your course is completed, there is plenty of time and chances during class meet ups, to focus on areas you may feel you need a better understanding about.
Students receive access to the 'Student Hangout" which includes, extra Education and Help
  • Monthly Zoom Student Chat
  • more than 50 Video Segments with corresponding manual chapters 
  • 20 Audio only segments with corresponding manual chapters
  • 120 plus videos on Suzanne's You Tube Channel, for guidance and continued learning.
  • Closed Group Facebook Page for Qshi Family Members / Support
Video's for Continued Learning
  • ​All things included pre session
  • Post Session
  • During the Session
  • Lost Soul
  • Entity Removal
  • Working with the Collective
  • and more
White Dragonfly Healing - Qshi Certificate Upon Completion of Class
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is  highly recommended you practice many sessions with clients in person prior to attempting a Zoom or remote session. This is covered in the course.
  • White Dragonfly Healing encourages you to utilize your healing skills as guided.  
  • Qshi is to remain true to the way it is taught in regard to integrity, compassion and honesty with clients, however as a facilitator, you are encouraged to expand and incorporate your other healing skills as guided by your team. 
  • White Dragonfly Healing or Suzanne Bertolas will not be held accountable for any claims against a practitioner's misconduct or client claim against said practitioner. 
  • Everyone trained for Qshi is expected to uphold the modality and the ethics it teaches.
  • White Dragonfly Healing, reserves the right to remove and revoke the qualifications of any student for lack of professionalism, or lack in ethical practice if complaints are brought forward.
  • Please NOTE: Some locations require special license to practice hypnosis. It is your responsibility to understand that information completely. Make sure you check your by-laws
  • This is a more efficient way to address concerns where you can all learn at the same time.
What You Receive:
Digital Download Class
  • White Dragonfly Healing ~ Quantum Soul Healing Integration Manual 72 pgs. 
  • Videos explaining each step of the process for a successful Qshi hypnosis session
  • Qshi Scripts
  • Waivers for Clients
  • Angel Fire Reiki Transfer, NOT included, You may join a class at no charge at your convenience within a 3 month period. 
  • STUDENT area, forum, access to class videos, discussions, and extended class help
  • One in person Zoom session with Suzanne or qualified practitioner, up to one Hour in length, to discuss your progress at a time to be determined 
  • Scheduled Meet Ups for discuss questions, hosted by Suzanne or Qualified White Dragonfly Qshi Teachers
  • Requirements for this course are subject to change as it is evolving 
  • Access to recorded class sessions to review and listen as often as you need to.
  • close to 300 videos in Suzanne's Personal You Tube Channel, with more than120 on line Qshi Sessions, and live, interactive, readings, and channeled messages from The Council Of Nine Angels. 
  • POST class tools, and help is evolving and will be upgraded and added to as information comes forward. 
New Price $555.55 CND  Approx $427 USD
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