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Qshi Disclaimer

All students trained under Suzanne Bertolas understand and follow a strict code of ethics in regard to Qshi Sessions, and with the use of Angel Fire Reiki. 

Suzanne Bertolas, also follows these ethical guidelines along with a strict code of ethics set forth by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists which she is a member of. 

While a student is in training it is important to note, that during practice session there is no guarantee that you will 

  1.  Reach the Higher Self

  2. Get answers to all of your questions

  3. have spontaneous or any type of physical healing. 

Qshi ( Quantum Soul Healing Integration, Interns and Practitioners are NOT Doctors, nor are they to ever offer medical advice or advise you in any way in regards to medications, or Doctoring practices. 

Practice sessions are geared towards allowing the Intern to fine tune their skills and learn the process of working with the higher self and collective during these types of sessions. 

Students need to complete 25 Practice sessions to  become certified as a Qshi Practitioner. At this point they will be listed as a PRACTITIONER and not an INTERN on the Suzanne's official Website, in the near future. 

As a client of a practicing Intern, you ARE ALLOWED to Donate monetarily or otherwise, or provide a good will offering to your Intern as a gift, or in appreciation of their service. 

Please note: Working with the collective in a metaphysical sense, in these types of sessions is unpredictable and it is important as a client to understand, the majority of the work to have a successful session lies in the ability for you to trust the process and have no expectations.

All Interns are to uphold, their ethical agreement with Suzanne Bertolas and White Dragonfly Healing at all times prior to, during and Post Session. Failing to do so could result in qualifications being revoked. 

Suzanne Bertolas / White Dragonfly Healing and Quantum Soul Healing Integration Academy are NOT and will not be held responsible for sessions held by an intern, or Certified Practitioner trained through Quantum Soul Healing Integration Academy. 

 It is beyond the capabilities of the above mentioned to monitor or participate in all Intern, or certified practitioner, Qshi sessions conducted around the world. 

If you feel as a Client, that your Intern or Practitioner, did not conduct them self accordingly or behaved in a non professional manner at anytime during your session,  please contact

White Dragonfly Healing here 


Once a complaint is received in writing, the situation will be addressed. 

Thank you,

Suzanne Bertolas

Creator Qshi,

Owner: White Dragonfly Healing and Quantum Soul Healing Integration Academy.                                   

White Dragonfly Healing    

49 Queen St. E Apt 915

Cambridge Ontario



226-777-1711  (leave message here, this is not a manned phone ) 

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