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Are you thinking of taking the Qshi Class?
Here are some common questions that people ask.
Q. Suzanne, some of your videos show you doing QHHT and others QSH how is Qshi Different. 
A. I was trained first and foremost with Holy Fire Reiki, and I am currently a Reiki Master Teacher. I was then strongly guided to take the Online QHHT course after 2 years of prompting from my team.  I came to the understanding very early in my training that QHHT did not allow for expansion or to mix healing modalities.
I could not understand why that would be a problem, as I know the power of Reiki and other abilities I am tapped into. 
It was during an early session, that the collective encouraged me to use Reiki for a client who could not reach the higher self, to ease his anxiety, and to help anchor him, so the White Light Body Scan would be easier for him to integrate.
I was told flat out, some people need Reiki and the team wanted to shift me into a modality, utilizing what I had learned with QHHT and incorporating my other skills. 
Once I started doing this I was encourages to use my own wording, scripts and knowing to connect with the collective during sessions. Video sessions in the early days were changed to QSH, Quantum Soul Healing. Qshi was born, when the collective encouraged me to teach with the understanding that it was a different modality incorporating Soul Integration. 
So in essence, the structure is similar in regards to moving through a hypnosis session until we come to the body scan, Then it changes to incorporate other techniques as needed. 
Q  What is the difference between the Qshi Zoom Interactive Class and the Qshi Digital Download Class?
A. Both classes receive the same curriculum in a download format, and have access to the Student Hang Out ( class access pages)
Both classes are the same price and also have access once a month to the zoom chat Q&A session with Suzanne or another qualified Qshi teacher. 
The difference lies in a few places-
  1. The Qshi Zoom Interactive Class, is a face to face classroom setting, live in real time with Suzanne or another qualified teacher, taking 3 days, the first being only a few hours in the evening on the first night. In this class there is a lot of interaction and question and answer time for every section of the course. Each student in this class also receives a on hour one on one session with Suzanne, scheduled after a few weeks, to discuss progress, problems, or other concerns. Reiki upgrades, and the placement of Holy love Energy, also is included in this class along with a mediation for white light healing at the end of the course. 
  2. The Qshi Digital Download Class, is not interactive (except for the monthly Zoom Q&A session. Students taking this class can go at their own pace, and require more practice sessions before certification will be given. The people taking this class will need to have a one on one interview with Suzanne or another qualified teacher to make sure there are no problems during sessions and that there is a good understanding of the course curriculum before certification will be granted. 
Q. I want to help people, but I do not have any previous experience as a healer. Can I learn this modality?
A. Absolutely yes. If you have the desire to help others, and the willingness to learn new ideas, then that is a big part of starting any new venture in life. When you set your intention to help others and you are coming from the heart that is the perfect combination to be able to help people who may be seeking understanding and clarity in their life.
Q. Do I need to take Reiki or another energy course.
A. Technically no, you do not. However, understanding the power of the energy you will be working with is something that is very important and needs to be respected.
Suzanne always encourages people to take their training for Reiki Level One, for self healing, and by doing that, it also helps you to understand the healing energy you can administer through your hands to help another person. Suzanne quite often utilizes Reiki in her QSHI sessions.
Q. How will this course help me to help others?
A. This course teaches you the basic fundamentals and flow of a Past Life Regression session, and Body Scan. When working with the high collective during the latter half of the session, you start to understand the base of who you are at our deepest level. Connecting with Angels, and Light beings, and quite often Ascended Masters, offers you the keys to many life altering understandings.
When you start to realize who you truly are, and the abilities you posses but may not be aware of, it makes you look at life a whole lot differently. QSHI anchors you in your heart, and when you are in your heart, you not only help others on their healing journey, but you help yourself to grow in all aspects as well.
Q. Is the deep relaxed state of trance and the body scan safe.
A.  Yes, being in trance, is perfectly safe, in fact your client will be fully aware through out the whole session. Everyone reaches the same state of trance naturally twice a day, once before they wake up, and once just before they fall asleep. This is called the somnambulist
state So this is nothing new to the body and is quite natural.
The Body Scan is white light, energy source from creator. The higher self, knows exactly what your client will need during the scan at all times. No harm ever comes to the client, but quite often miraculous healing takes place.
Q. Will there be help available to me if I get stuck or unsure in my sessions?
A. Yes, there will be ample material to help you understand any concerns you may have, along with a student forum, and monthly live interactive zoom sessions, so students can ask questions with Suzanne or another qualified teacher.
Q. When can I sign up? and can I break up the payments?
A. You can only sign up when there is a class posted. Once the classes are full Suzanne will post the date for the next class so people can get on a waiting list.
The payments are structured in a way to make it easy for everyone. You can pay the full price or in two payments, or in three payments.
Suzanne is flexible and understanding in regards to finances. So if you need to structure payments differently, or have another concern contact Suzanne directly. here
Q. Will I receive a certificate
A. Yes you will receive a certificate stating you have participated in the class and you have reached the requirements met for the course. 
Do you have a different Question? Please feel free to contact Suzanne and she will get back to you through email as soon as she can.
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