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LIVE ONLINE - April 13th, 2019
 Life Experience / Soul Journey & Healing Meditation 
(this event will not be released to experience on You Tube once completed
The first 2 meditations were a great success!!
This one is just a little bit different!! 

White Light Body Scan Healing Mediation #1 July 2018

The Process: 
  • You will be in your own home, with a good set of headphones, lying or sitting in a comfortable position.
  • You will be aware, and in control of what you experience as you listen to a guided meditation written and facilitated by me
  • There will be a healing aspect as well, as I always call in my team for healing first and foremost.
  • Once the healing is underway I will start our journey together.
  • At this point, you will relax and enjoy your very own unique experience !  
What  You May Experience on this Life Experience/Soul Journey 
  • a past life
  • or a current life situation
  • You may travel to the future
  • or you may travel  to the stars, another Galaxy or Universe
  • you may meet loved ones
  • Angles, Guides or Masters
  • You may only experience a relaxed healing experience in the White Light
  • Or you may even be given some pertinent information to share with  Humanity
What you can focus on to help you  in your current life 
Focus on what concerns you...but not too much...
The trick with Suzanne's  Healing Journeys, is to allow everything to flow,  let go of control and trust the process.
By entering into the meditation without expectations, it allows your Higher Self to share things with you, visually, audibly, or with a deep knowing, so that you can relax, heal and learn from the time you spend being enveloped in the beautiful White Light Healing Energy.
Suzanne is a  story teller, and lyricist, song writer and Author
One of the special gifts given to her by God is to be able to  take you into a relaxed state with her voice so emotions can rise to the surface for healing. 
It does not matter if you are able to visualize or see the scenes Suzanne is creating for you as you relax and listen to what she is saying. 
Allow the energy and experience to come from your heart, and instead...
FEEL the words she is saying and the vibration of her voice. 
If you travel somewhere completely different, or stop hearing her voice all together, then you are on the right are in the trance...and sitting right in the pocket!
Trust the flow...and Let Go!! 
​Set Your intentions before the Meditation:
Talk to your HIgher Self, Angels, God or who ever you pray to PRIOR to your participation in the meditation. Write the things down that you want to understand, let them know ahead of time what concerns you, so on the day, and during the mediation you do not have to can just experience and enjoy the moment in time you have set aside JUST for YOU! 


Date: Saturday April 13th, 2019                           


Before registering for this event please read and agree to the terms and returned them via email to Suzanne. This must be done to participate. Thank you 

Time: 7:00 PM EST

Duration: 1 hour or more

Your Investment: $24.95

Please Note: I do not have the free version of ZOOM. I pay monthly to use the service for my Q Sessions, and I have a limit to the amount of attendees I can have participating. So if you really want to participate, don't hesitate to sign up ;) 

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