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I have always felt a very strong connection to God and the Universe. I never felt this in a religious way, because religion never felt right to me. Instead, I just felt connected in a heart to heart kind of way with Jesus and the Angels. By honoring my own truth, This always kept me grounded, centered and confident. 

Growing up in the country allowed me to experience nature, expansion, peace and harmony, with people, animals, and spirit.  I loved that, and always felt strongly guided to stay connected to simplicity without realizing how much influence the Angels had in helping me grow in that ability...


This Universal understanding, helps me zone in on your deepest concerns, whether in hands on or remote healing sessions, Introspective Intuitive Connections to the Collective with messages, or teaching you everything I know...,


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Messages from Jesus


God uses me in many ways to help other people, He does this through my healing work, with my singing and song writing, Art work, and channeled messages. 

Lately Jesus has been stepping forward and dropping some strong messages for me to share with those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. 

Here is a link to some of my video

messages from

Jesus.  on my You Tube Channel. 

   Suzanne's Art Work. 

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