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Travel Sessions 2018

In a single moment, your whole world can shift in remarkable ways, when you simply learn to trust our amazing Creator !

I tried very hard, maybe too hard, for months, to organize locations I thought i would be able to travel to in order to offer QHHT sessions for those who were interested. Every time I took one step forward, I was knocked back 3. In the end I figured, it was just not meant to be, I would not be able to travel to help others on their healing journey.

Little did I know at that time, that God had other plans for me. I guess I should have know better!

Suzanne's first European QHHT Travel location

I thought, how amazing would it be if instead of coming all the way to Canada for your session with me, You join me in Italy when I am on my holidays!!

Trento Italy
In the heart of the Dolomite Mountains in the Alps
  • Limited Appointments available

  • First come first serve, in order of request

  • 50% deposit upon booking, Balance due Aug 15/18

  • Includes one nights accommodation

  • Breakfast included the next morning

  • Extra nights accommodation may be possible for a small extra charge (to be determined at booking)

I feel extremely blessed to have such a beautiful Soul Sister  Marylisa! I swear, she is like my own Guardian Earth Angel, with more than a decade of friendship behind us. Originally meeting during Robert's Cross Canada Tour for MS..we have remained connected in sisterhood, ever since then.

She has graciously offered me her facility to not only host my QHHT sessions, but to also offer accommodations and an extra special time, to my clients who book and travel to me for healing.

We have plans on the go to make this experience one you will never forget!


This location is supreme, nestled in the heart of Northern Italy, near lake Garda,and numerous other beautiful locations.

Suzanne & Robert, will be staying at this beautiful home and will be waiting to meet you!


A very cool, cozy, fresh guests' suite in 1700's ancient house in the village of Godenzo, TN, ITALY, surrounded by virgin Nature's landscapes, in the heart of UNESCO Dolomites of Brenta Paradise. Nearby Comano Terme SPA, where, also activities and entertainment for children is professionally organized.
Bikes, motorbikes perimeters; rock climbing; rivers, falls, lakes experiences; good typical restaurants; traditional festivals; castles; museums.

The scenery is breathtaking, the water at this location is healing water filtering straight from the depths of surrounding mountains.

Travelers come  to this beautiful location specifically for the healing properties of the water and spending time in the serenity of nature!

What a perfect location to take that next step on your

healing journey.

FEE: $550 paid in Canadian ( approx. 360 Euro / 425.USD)

50% deposit at Booking, Balance Due by August 15/18

Cost without Accommodations - $525 CND


  • QHHT / Quantum Soul Healing Hypnosis  (Session 4-5 Hours).

  • One Night Accommodating (either before or after session)

  • A traditional fresh warm, Breakfast in the morning.

Little Extras !

There are numerous beautiful experiences to have while visiting The Trento area in the Alps. Extra Excursions may be purchased for you while you are here on your visit, and options for other healing modalities.

More information on this coming soon!

Thanks! Message sent.

I need 3 Dates you will be free for sessions

the first 2 weeks of September, or just state

 ANY TIME if it doesn't matter. .

This story, just keeps getting better for me personally.

I painted this picture in 2009, I paid so much attention to detail when I worked on it. What didn't feel right to me at the time was, that there were houses below on the right behind the castle, so I did not paint them in. I felt this is how it would have looked hundreds of years ago before there were homes there. 

I found out tonight, after posting my Newsletter that this beautiful tower, is a 15 minutes walk from where we will be staying in Trento! The synchronicities just keep falling into place.


This is going to be a very special time in September 2018/1 

 September 2018 - Although I am currently booked, I may be able to facilitate a few more sessions as our time in Italy has shifted. 
In case of Cancellation or an opening while there,
I will contact you in order of receiving your requests so please sign up if you want a session.
If you wish a session in 2019,  I will keep you on file, for when I return, int he summer next year. 
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Please note Deposit and Balance can be paid here by entering the correct amount depending on additional services requested.

If it is easier to pay for extra nights of accommodations in your Canadian payment , I will take care of submitting it for the reservation in your name.

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