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Kind Words From Clients -

Qshi, Readings, Angel Fire Reiki


How Beautiful... Thank you so much for posting,Your blessings and gifts help us so very much!!!

MasterPeace (Qshi Session)

Yes, my dad, a retired doctor, couldn't go into trance or visualize anything and still received total healing of something the doctors don't have a cure for.....wet macular degeneration. He didn't even have the belief that healing could be so easy

Qshi Session 2018  Julie N

This is awesome! Seems so much more with Spirit is manifesting. Fingers crossed, I hope to hear this session. Suzanne, the information that’s coming forward, at least for me, is getting soooo much better! Everyday! Thank you for all you have done and are doing!! Love you!


So Beautiful... What a powerful session. I’m so happy you both experienced the love of Creator in this way. With of course Dear Jesus and Mother Mary. and Rafael. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing this POWERFUL glimpse of her session. I cried .. my heart is full. Thank you as Always Suzanne 💗 Thank you dear Sister for listening and following your heart , Setting up a session with Beautiful Suzanne. It enlightens and Truly blesses us All.

Episode 135


Qshi Session (Remote) 

Hey Suzanne,  


Thank you!! Thank you!!!  Would you blur my face in the video for you tube please?  I hope you can get some audio out of that!!  Wow!!!  That was VERY powerful and my cat knows something very big happened.   I can't get her to stay off of me....LOL.   

2020 Personal Forecast Testimonials

OMG Suzane, I did not expect that reading! Thank you so much! I couldn't stop my tears.  Thank you Jesus for confirming that I am on the right path, even though I am all over the place; not sure where to look.  How I am going to help the planet,...

Hello Suzanne, 

I feel like I have gone through this already, and that it is a cycle that I will keep going through.  So thank you for the messages and the clarification.  I will keep listening with much love and gratitude for you and our teams.


Thank you so much.

Dear Suzanne,


Thank you so much for this beautiful message. It really does resonate with what I am going through right now in my life. The different quarters and what I need to focus on coincide with where I believe I am now and where I will be down the road.



I had the most wonderful healing experience with Suzanne Bertolas at 

White Dragonfly. If you haven't booked a reiki session with her yet ,

you should really think about it.

Thank you Suzanne 

Andrea  June 26, 2019

Today I had the most PHENOMENAL thing happen to me!! I had a QSHI session ♥️

Was Hypnotized and placed into a trance in order to connect with my “HIGHER SELF”


I am in complete AWE!!

I got confirmation that My Robs Cancer is gone! Baby GONE! Clear! Clear! Clear!! Filled with JOY and Tears!! My ♥️ My LOVE!! Sooooooo HAPPY! Excited! And grateful beyond words can even describe!!

My Team! Guides and Angels showed me that I was a “PILLAR BEING” of HEALING Light and Energy for the Ground to the Sun and the Sun to the Ground!

I could FLY and felt soooooo POWERFUL! OMGAWD!

They showed me that I lived in the mountains in a Small Stone House where I was dressed in clothes which resembled that of which of House on the prairie style laughing on the front porch with a man who I claimed was my Husband! When asked to look into his eyes I could SEE the SOUL of my Husband today!!

Which...... in turn proves OUR SOUL CONTRACT from our previous lives! How FREEEEEEEAKING AWWWWWW-MAZING is that!!

I was taken to another year of 1920 while I watched from inside of a car where my parents fought outside. I felt sad and scared for my mother as my father was drunk and she didn’t want him to drive in fear of hurting us. I was 7 years old.

I was taken to another life where I was 30 years in a beautiful field in jeans and cowboy boots riding a horse and directed by Suzanne Bertolas to go to my log house home built by my husband! I had 3 children. Aged 2,5,7! We were married for 10 years. When asked to look into my husbands eyes I again saw my Husband. His name was Rob toooooo!!

I found out that Suzanne Bertolas was my sister in a past life! Along with Carla Almeida!


I recieved confirmation on soooooo many things happening in my Life today where my Health is concerned!

Had a teary eyed moment and visit with my ANGEL Mom!

Today! I had the MOST AMAZING-EST Date with my HIGHER SELF! ARCHANGEL SOPHIA who resides in the 12the dimension and has gifted her presence in once of Suzanne Bertolas’s sessions!! FANTABULOUS!!

And right about now! I can’t even remember everything! But above are just a few of the POWERFUL tid bits I seen!! That I wanted to share with you!!


Lori G - June 25, 2019 Qshi Session





Thank you so much for the reading, it was just what I needed to hear and helped me to regain my focus. There was alot going on and a lot of outside chatter weighing down on me but your team and mine stepped up and really gave me the pieces I needed to get my mind back in the game.DH

QHHT follow up

I wanted to reach out and follow up on my QHHT session. It was a beautiful experience, the session itself was deeply relaxing and I came out of it feeling grounded and more deeply centered in myself and my energies. Since the session I have had some very interesting experiences come up:
Dreams- I have always been a lucid dreamer and astral projector but since my QHHT session they seem to be stronger. My lucid dreams seem brighter and I can see the colours more deeply, I have more guides/Angels/Archetypal figures coming in and doing healing work with me. I am also finding my astral projection is advancing, I am able to remember more of the journeys and again connecting with more Higher beings where before I would journey and explore new places or meet other people/spirits.
Past Lives: Since the session I have accessed more of my past lives through my own inner work and during healing sessions with others. They are just flowing to the surface and coming into this reality without going through a hypnosis, I just need to be in a general relaxed state it seems. I have been able to work through and heal a very deep and long standing karmic wound that came from one of my earliest lives here on earth that had been affecting me ever since.
Something new seems to come up each day and I know that this deep level healing and clearing is coming because of the opening and reconnection with my Higher Self and the Collective that came through the QHHT session. Thank you so much for sharing your gift! Danielle H.

Hi Suzanne,

If you get any impressions from my thoughts please bring them forward.
Your reading is the best I have received in my life. Thank you for connecting and investing in my growth, path, and my concerns. I need a compass to get off the pig trail and back on the road to my purpose. You have helped.
Since your reading, things got REAL CRAZY REAL FAST. =P (Love you) I began to practice some of the suggestions your Team proposed. *BAM* I have been thrust into a new position, at the store I work at.


Thank you again, H.

“My  session with Suzanne was amazing. She was very caring and skillful in facilitating the connection with my Higher Self. The tremendous healing that I received has brought me much inner joy, serenity, and increased self-assuredness. This experience was a true blessing in my life.”

J.D. in Ottawa

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