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Learning the Qshi Modality 

If you are here, you were guided by the Angels!
It is important to note that Quantum Soul Healing Integration is a recognized modality in United States, Australia, New Zealand, European Union and the United Kingdom through the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

What is Quantum Soul Healing Integration

How does a session go? 
Each session is always guided by the Higher Self and the Collective, and although a client may come to a session expecting a certain outcome, the HS, knows what is best for the clients current mind set, emotional state and physical state.
Because of this, a session may go in many different ways as listed below.  
  • Past life / Future Life Experience
  • Soul Healing
  • Time Travel / Multi Dimensional Travel and interaction
  • Connecting with Higher Self, Guides, Angels etc
  • NOT connecting with the Higher Self, Guides Angels, etc.  
Qshi is a healing modality combining relaxation meditations, Reiki, and intuition .  A client is induced into a deep trance like state where they will experience either a Past, Present or Future life, or perhaps be suspended in the white Light healing energy of God and the Angels. 
While the client is In that place of deep relaxation, the Higher Self is called forward wherethey will gain clarity, understanding and emotional, spiritual and physical healing.
Unlike QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ) one of the methods Suzanne is trained in, at times the Higher Self will request the helping hand of the facilitator, to anchor the client or assist them in different ways in order for them to integrate the energy more comfortably. 
The power of spiritual healing, when combined with the clients own understanding of what may be contributing to an ailment or unbalance in their life, is truly the key to regaining a healthy body, a peaceful mindset, spiritual balance and a happy life. 
Miraculous and profound life changes take place after a Qshi session. 
The Quantum Soul Healing Integration Modality, embodies, many aspects of understandings in respect to tapping into a clients energetic make up to offer the best healing experience possible.
Having a deeper knowing of who you are as healers, allows you to have a stronger interaction with the highest collective during sessions with clients or when dealing with people in general in everyday interactions. 
Suzanne has found that by tapping into her multiple skill sets, gifts and knowings, while working with White Light Energy from Creator and the White Light Energy from the Angels, offers a profound and very deep connection for her clients
In essence when a facilitator is able to embrace who THEY are at the deepest level, they become the bridge to the other side, connecting their clients to their own essence for heart felt clarity and understanding at the deepest possible level. 
​ Qshi is the modality Suzanne embodies in all of her healing sessions whether in person, on line remotely, in her videos, writing, music or on line live reading sessions on You Tube and Facebook. 
  • Angel Fire Reiki
  • White light from Creator,
  • Indigo Blue light from the Blue being collective, and
  • Angelic White Light Healing Energy 
  • Intuition
  • Visions
  • hearing 
  • knowing
  • Connecting to Higher Self, Jesus, Creator and Angels, during Qshi
These are the aspects of yourself, that you also can also learn about and tap into.
Embody who you are, to take your healing skills to the next level. 
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