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Messages from the Collective


The first shipment SOLD OUT in I DAY ! 

I already need to re order! There are cards going out to 

USA, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK!!

That is very exciting and love that these cards are international! 

I was surprised at how many people jumped on ordering this new deck of cards! 

The messages are profound, when you tap into your collective...

You can watch Myself and Eva doing LIVE you tube readings to test out the deck below

Sample card #2.jpg
Promo card 3.jpg

This deck is full of beautiful healing  messages from the Collective of Angels, as a whole, and also individually 

55 OR 65 Powerful Healing Messages to help you remove blocks, face truth and find balance and peace in you life

  • Mother Mary

  • Jesus

  • Quan Yin

  • The Archangel Collective

  • The Council of Nine Angels

  • The Rainbow Collective

  • Mother Earth

About the Cards ! 

The Angels always show me Arches as a marker when I am on track with my mission.  I was not surprised to see such a powerful statement from my team, when arrived at the location we would be staying at in the little village of Godenzo in Trento Northern Italy, last summer.


 My team was at work, way back then, knowing I would utilize some of the pictures taken on my holiday for a future deck of oracle cards that I was unaware that I would be asked to create by Mother Mary.       

The most  amazing shot of Archangel Michael over the Dolomite Mountains, is featured on the cover and all the Archangel Cards.                                 

Jesus, was a small monument found in the high region of the Dolomite mountains on a trail,  near a family cabin.


 Mother Mary’s Image, I found in a tiny church  in the Town of Faive’ Trento Northern Italy! 


After sending out several decks of cards already, I have had to make adjustments to shipping costs etc,

 Prices will be different to reflect Domestic and International Locations.

PLEASE order for your specific location.

(please note: you will be notified prior to shipping if there is a discrepancy with your location payment)




International shipping is VERY expensive!! It is anywhere from ($23 - $30 )                  



North America - $ 89.95 

International     - $ 110.00

55 CARDS  5 Decks remaining. 

North America - $ 79.95 

International     - $ 110.00

I am unable to provide the 10 cards as a separate unit. 


  • Packaging, Shipping and Handling


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