Angel Intuitive Readings

Suzanne has been an intuitive reader for decades and now with the luxury of the Internet thes has allowed her to do readings around the world . Suzanne utilizes all her abilities along with her 74 Card Deck of Angel Encouragement Cards she designed with her team, a few years ago.


She connects with your personal Angelic team & Guides, along with your higher-self, and her own personal team of Angles and Guides to be your messenger.

You are not present during your reading, and Suzanne gets a better reading that way. She has a clear connection to the information that is needed to come forward for you healing, and she delivers directly to you, the message and the urgency of it, that comes from your own team.

After a reading with Suzanne, you will look at your life with:

  • Integrity

  • Clarity

  • Understanding

  • and compassion

  • You will also find forgiveness for yourself and others

information that you may be ignoring or not hearing will be delivered to you  clearly and with compassion  in order for you to move ahead in your life. After you pay for your reading, please contact Suzanne and let her know you are wanting a reading, she will need to know your name, and the general concern you have.  

Angelic Holy Fire II Reiki
Angelic Holy Fire II Reiki is a beautiful combination of highly refined energy from our creator,  the Holy Fire, and the pure love and light energy from the Angelic Realm.
What happens during a session?

During a session the client lies (fully clothed) on a Reiki table, and is asked to relax with eyes closed to receive the healing energy from the Practitioner.

The Reiki energy is channeled through the crown chakra of the practitioner and it is administered through the hands to the client. Reiki is given by hovering the body in a non touch fashion.

If you are comfortable with light touch, many practitioners prefer to have direct contact with their clients. The utmost discretion is used and you are in a safe and professional environment. You may use a light blanket for comfort if that is preferred.

How long is a session?
A session can be any where from half an hour to 2 hours or longer as guided
Why is it called Angelic Reiki? Will I see or feel Angels?

Early on in her Reiki training, Suzanne felt the loving guidance of the Angels, to learn deeper healing techniques from them in order to give a more precise and accurate healing session for her clients. Suzanne has developed a very strong connection to her guidance team, and she feels grateful to be able to give her clients a deeper healing experience.

Quite often the Angels will pass along messages that the client may be needing clarification on, or something will be brought to their attention in order for them to release a negative block that is hindering them from moving forward in their life. Suzanne will share these messages at the end of the session if there are any.

As for seeing Angels each person is unique and only able to see visually or in their third eye what they are currently able to understand in consideration to how open they are to believing in what is shown to them.

Some people report seeing vivid colours and visions of past experiences, flashes of light, visions of people and animals and some have had full blown visions of Angels, in a way they perceive them.  

Is there anything special I need to prepare for a session?

The best thing to do, is drink water prior to your session, and tell yourself, this is your time and try to quieten your mind. Come to your session knowing you will be well taken care of, and that you are doing a good thing for your mind, body and spirit. Wear comfortable clothing preferably light in colour and not a lot of jewelry.

Sessions are different for everyone, you really have to let apprehension go if it is your first time and just experience the warm embrace of Holy Fire Reiki!  Come prepared to relax in the beautiful sunroom knowing that even if you don't sense them, you will be surrounded by many Loving Angels, including your own, for the full length of your session.

What is the cost of a session?

Regular cost $125 (contact to find out if specials are in effect)

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