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A Message from Jesus

With the changing world, and all the upset we see, many are feeling lost, and confused. We question our reality and how we fit into it, when things become uncomfortable.

There is so much good going on in the world as well though, and I see and feel an lot of the beauty and the higher frequencies of a 5D way of living.

So being human myself, and while I was listening to some beautiful music that made my heart open, I saw Jesus face briefly in front of me.

I took this as an indication that he was there and willing to answer my questions, because we all know, he can read our hearts without a word being spoken.

He is the one who told me to listen to music during meditation because it takes me deeper and makes it easier for me to connect to God, the Angels, and Jesus himself. So I'm assuming he was the reason the music found its way to me in the first place, so I could listen and connect at such a deeper level.

So with that said, here is our conversation....but first

I want to point out, that the message from Jesus, shifted into a message from the highest collective, the Elohim, and Archangels, who reside in the same white Light frequency as Jesus.

I have learned, in my Qshi sessions, they all work together and with me and I am comfortable with that and recognize the love that comes from them in what ever form, and how ever they speak to me.

S: Jesus, what is going on?


This is the hard time, but the most beautiful time,

for my light emanates through the essence of the hearts that believe,

the hearts that see.

You are disconnected but connected to all that is. Resonate with our frequency

Resonate with your hearts Forever mindful We love you

You are only gone a moment.

And then return to all glory You return to the heavens of the one and all that is Don’t neglect your heart reunite with me

S: What about those who leave early Jesus?


They are the sparkles on the water, They are the wisp of the wind They are bleeding and crying tears for those who cannot see

But lifting their energy…forever in their hearts They will see, in the blindness of my perfection They will climb, they will be free, Forever with their wings.

The wings of the angels Is the soft kiss you feel on your face as you drift off to sleep

They are fine in perfection with me

We love you Suzanne

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