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Diversity, What Colour is Your Pencil?

I used to do a lot more writing, in fact, usually when I am guided to start something new, it is words it written words, I use. Lyrics for songs, books about life, and when I first stepped out of the spiritual closest, I wrote out personal readings for people also.

That one by far really did become a challenge and my team filtered more and more information through me for my clients and messages were coming in faster than my fingers could keep up, and you know, I actually type pretty fast. I was one of those people who took typing in high school on those old clunky typewriters.

I knew I took that course for a reason and I am forever grateful that I did.

Before I get started here, I just want to let you all know my first blog on my site will be shared with everyone, and future blogs will be posted on my Rainbow Tribe Member page, along with other exciting information and understandings as my team shares them with me.

Ebooks, special video events, special interviews etc, will all unfold in divine timing!

I am excited to start this new little corner on my website for those of you who feel drawn to join us. Rainbow Tribe Membership HERE

I want to talk to you a little bit about the message that came to me this morning. My guides, Angels, my higher self, the whole collective, as I will from now on refer to as my 'team' started to slow me down over the last few weeks.

Leading up to my last Quantum Soul Healing Integration Class, they were showing me the need to organize and make my life a little easier.

They started really talking to me about how important

'DOWN TIME' is, for everyone, but especially for souls who have chosen to step out in a big way to help others. My team wanted me to slow down, but for a reason I was not sure of.

They started giving me the impression, that although I am very connected to them, and truly tap into my deep knowing, there is 'So much more I need to know' than I currently do.

My team started dropping the E word into my head....Education, Education, Education.

When ever they drop the E word, I know I am going to be shifted in a big way, to incorporate New Learning , into my precious understandings.

I was recently put to the test by my team, when I was shown a new healing modality by a friend, a new way and different way of healing with light energy.

I think my team was waiting to see how I would react to an invitation to learn something that seemed to be similar to what I do but in a different kind of way.

I always like to learn new ideas and understandings, I enjoy getting different perspectives on things and the last time I was in the same position to learn something new, I actually laid out a pretty costly deposit to take another course in hypnosis after I had already learned one method.

From the second I clicked on the Pay Now button, my team started working on me...they did not want me to take that course. I just kept hearing, "Suzanne, you do not need to do that already Know how to do what we need you to do"

So to keep a long story short, after a week of my team prodding me and pushing me, I understood what they wanted me to do and I unwillingly withdrew my registration from that other course. I actually wanted to take it :)

So, when a similar thing happened a few days ago when another opportunity was presented to me, again, I heard my team loud and clear..."Suzanne, you ALREADY do that!, its just a different way for the person teaching, and that is fine, we do NOT want you to take that course!"

So again, I did not step into something I was kind of interested in learning.

The whole point of my writing this, is to show you, and remind you we are all like the pencils in this picture below. There is a lot of diversity, and different ways to do the same thing.

We all have our own specific colour and we all have the ability to colour inside the lines.

It's when you colour outside of the lines of your life, and take a chance to expand your current mindset and way of understanding , everything will change.

Like I mentioned above, my team, actually has been dropping the 'E' Word, and give me the feeling of needing to learn something new, just not the modality I mentioned above.

What my team wanted me to learn, would expand my mind, and my heart, and to top it off, they said it is necessary before October when I start teaching again, to have some new information to share, and help others with.

So they started showing me a certain Metaphysical, Scientist who is a world renowned geologist who is known for his work and understanding of our human existence.

They lead me to an interview explaining a course he was offering Live,(which now is not live but available on line)

I hummed and hawed about this, not quite sure what to do, but my team, made it pretty clear to me, that they slowed me down, to give me time and energy to take his course and absorb new understandings that I would be able to share with my future students when I teach.

I'm excited to be on this new journey, of learning again, to understand new perspectives and ideas that I never would have learned if I kept on going at the rate I was going.

Today while driving I asked my team...

What is the reason I need to take this course, what am I supposed to learn? There answer quite simply was

"Diversity Suzanne, You need to learn diversity and how it ties into emotions and situations people get them selves into"

My response... What does Diversity even you believe I could not remember)

There answer to me was...


So here I go, taking a new course, so I can help my future clients, and students at a deeper level. I trust my team, always knows what I need to do. I have learned to not really question too much and not to waste time when their guidance is strong.

So now I say to you,

At this time, what are you supposed to be learning?

Education never stops and we definitely are not meant to become complacent and stagnant.

So sharpen the point of your pencil, so you can keep on colouring with more intricacy and definition!

Love and Hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas.

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