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Stillness in the Storm - Messages from Archangel Michael

The collective came in loud and clear over the last week or so while I was taking a break to re-calibrate and find balance in my life.

I found myself connecting with nature and hearing the messages directly from the trees (as strange as that sounds) and from the Angels.

I had the opportunity to facilitate some Qshi Sessions also, and just like in nature, the messages from Archangel Michael (who always comes into my sessions) were loud and clear.

" There is no split... that amplifies seperation. Instead, looked at things as an Energetic Alighment. There is no right or wrong way, just choose your vibration and your energetic alignment will sync up with others who are the same" Archangel Michael.

Other points to remember....

1. You need to take time and make space for healing.

2. You need to ASK for the Angels to help you when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or when you are dealing with negativity of any kind

3. Ask directly for help to create space and make time to do the things you need to do...Don't wait for time to miraculously appear. YOU need to create that time! So ask for help and assistance, so you are freed up from things that keep you occupied.

4. Gratitude for all you have, is necessary to bring forward more positivity and abundance in your life.

Those were a few messages that came through. I found in reflection, that I, need to pull back from the craziness of what is going on in the world.

Archangel Metatron reminded me, “Remember who you are Suzanne, remember you are here on a mission and stick to it, don’t get pulled into the ways of the world”

BIG reminder for me, and I think I can share that with you all also.

Most people are here by choice to fulfill a role, to go forward on a mission in your own way to help humanity.

Some came here by choice, and others…Were hand picked by God for specific missions that will shake up the world and bring humanity to a place of peace, prosperity, happiness, and abundance!

I am Grateful to be part of that collective and humbled and honored and so excited to move forward on that timeline for God!

Choose wisely! We create our own reality. Which timeline do you want to be on?

I loved that I was able to connect with Nature and spend time in the mountains and by water. I hope you enjoy the brief time I had by this beautiful little stream in the video provided. I had to climb down a steep bank to get close to the water while it was relatively calm.

The amazing thing is, sitting beside the calm stream, I was fully aware that is also turns into a raging river when there are flash floods and heavy rain.

It was empowering to know this, and to be aware that I chose to be grateful for the few moments of peacefulness it brought to me while I sat there. I also was fully aware that if I really wanted to, I could also take in the energy of the raging river if I had that opportunity, in the same location but on a completely different timeline.

It is kind of like what we are experiencing now, with all that is playing out on a global scale now.

You can choose to either sit quietly in peace, or you can choose to be immersed in the raging energy of the opposite expression.

I choose PEACE, CALM and NON Judgement of those who choose to walk in an alternate direction.

Love and Hugs,


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