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Summer Solstice - What is Your Reality Now?

Brand new energies BURST onto the planet on the longest day of 2019!

As we continue our journey and as we continue to awaken to truth, the filter or lens that covers our perception of what is real, is truly being wiped clean so we can make a choices with more clarity and understanding of what resonates with our heart.

The energies are strong, I barely slept, because my team never stops teaching me. I am meant to share, or to write, as I gain understandings to help humanity in a way I am guided by Jesus and my Collective.

" THE DAY AFTER, always holds the memory of what took place the day before, and it will show you very quickly, the truth in your heart of what you reallyl experienced and perhaps things you already knew or things you misunderstood. "

So how can you apply this to you?

Did you celebrate? Did you make an effort, or were you unsure of what all the fuss was about? Trust me, you were exactly where you were supposed to be. Now, just understand why.

During any exciting exchange or interaction, experience or endeavor, you feel the rush, the fear, the anticipation and knowing of what the experience means to you.

Truly, you can only feel emotion you hold yourself.

It may be emotion conjured up in the moment, or emotions that came to the surface due to the interactions with others. Either way, own up to what you felt or feel today.

Take a look at it a little bit deeper, without the pressure of feeling we only expand or grow when we have new energies coming in, planetary alignments or other metaphysical and astrological happenings.

How did the experience you had make you feel?

Did you finally feel like you learned something?

Did you finally feel like you fit in?

Did you help other souls?

Did you lead yourself and others to a new understandings or help them embrace something you are passionate about?

Truly, They Say, the second day is where the lesson lies.

Reflect and stand in your truth and understanding of what that is!

Walk forward with freedom in your heart, as you continue to awaken a little bit more each day to who you are, why you are here and what your Unique Mission IS.

Yesterday is already gone, and today is a new day. Embrace who YOU are in these new frequencies!

Lead YOURSELF to the TRUTH of your own heart. FEARLESSLY!

Love and Hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas

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