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Unplug, Reset, Reconnect! Reclaim What is Promised.

I asked: What is the first step for those feeling overwhelmed and confused.

The Answer: Unplug, Reset, Reconnect

Can you stop for a moment, close your eyes, and devote some time to inner peace?

Notice what thought keeps pushing itself back into your mind trying to disrupt that simple task.

What is it? Can you identify it?

What emotion is ruling you? Is it Fear, Love, Sadness, Anger? Is it confusion, emptiness or just feeling bewildered and Numb?

Be truthful with yourself, and acknowledge what that is.

You are being asked to ‘unplug’ to release that interruption. Unplug that distraction from your mind no matter how difficult you may think it is going to be.

You first need to Unplug to break that connection and put a kink in the current, so to speak before you can Reset

No matter how hard it tries to control you, push it back. Each time it tries to settle in there, Reset Your Intention of what you will allow to filter in. Keep pushing until it releases the hold it has on you.

You must be the one to break the connection, and you must be strong, because it will not let you go until you step back in and reclaim your inner strength.

It is your eternal right to be NON-Compliant to the manipulation of dark energy.

Believe me, it tries so hard to break your spirit and hold you down and create distance and a disconnection from God.

It will try to make you doubt and not believe that God is even there.

I can assure you; He most definitely is!


Break that Connection: Replace that feeling, emotion or negative thought with one simple but powerful word, LOVE.

Keep thinking, feeling, and picturing anything that brings you to a place where you start to smile. In that moment, when you are quiet, go to that place where you feel your heart start to expand.

It is an undeniable feeling once you get there.

Once you are in that place, where you feel relief, when you feel the light starting to integrate, ask for MORE, and then ask for even MORE!


Imagine a beautiful stream of light in the sky circling down towards you. Imagine extending your arms towards that light to invite it closer to you. As it gets closer, that feeling of love expands, you start to tingle, smile, become emotional and truly feel the peace surrounding you.

That connection is yours to recall and reconnect to.

It is your straight connection to God, and it is a connection that is vitally important to establish if it is missing from your life. Just look at the days we are living in now.

Everything is so unsettled and out of balance. It is in your power to Connect to Love and Truth and find that balance and inner peace that your spirit is trying so hard to guide you towards. It wants you to share, feel, experience and exude...Love.

Love and Hugs,


These are a couple of songs I listen to during Meditation. I find it quite easy to re-establish the connection with certain frequencies when I let myself sink into the music. I allow my heart to feel the tones and frequency of the music that God has guided me to listen to so I can connect with him.

Jesus once said to me- Suzanne to meditate easier, listen to music, It will make you sink quicker to that place. 😉

Two of my favorite songs:

Heaven’s window – Peter Kater (Elements Series)

Long Ago – Michael Hoppe’, Martin Tillman (Afterglow)

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