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When you Hurt...She Hurts

The love of a mother. - A tribute to all the moms who suffer in silence.

When you Hurt, she hurts…that is just the way it is.

When you hide it so well, she will follow your lead, and hide it well too.

When you pretend you don’t care, Well, she will not go there

When you can’t believe what has made you so sad and when you can’t believe that you are so dam mad, and when you start to see the same things play out in your own life, that you watched play out in the life of your mother, its almost too much to bear.

Didn’t you have your mind made up that it would not happen to you?

When you reach that place of seeing through the eyes of your mother…knowing she has also reached that same place of seeing through the eyes of her own mother…

Just know that all the hurt she kept inside to protect you, all the hurt she kept inside to do the best she could for you, and every time she followed her heart, she was able to pick up the pieces that perhaps were shattered by realities you are completely unaware of.

A mother who has the strength to carry on with a broken heart will inevitably inspires others to do the same.

A mother who has the courage to continue to shine her light will inevitably help others stand back up on their own two feet.

A mother who has the wisdom to continue to share compassion and love in a world that is so full of anger, separation and fear, breaks through the same darkness that is trying so hard to bring you down.

A mothers Love is the most powerful energy on the planet, because a mother Loves when she is Loved but she Loves when she is hated.

A mother Loves when she feels betrayed, forgotten, defeated, and misunderstood.

A mother loves when she is taken for granted or talked about, and she loves even when she is not loved back.

A mother’s Love is an unstoppable force and LOVE is the most powerful force on the planet!

A mother may step back, but she will never stop loving you, because,

When you Hurt, she hurts…that is just the way it is.

White Dragonfly Healing ~

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