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Suzanne's Prices

I understand in the world of healing and learning of the  modalities available, sometimes price may be a bigger factor for you and not the personal  vibration or level of comfort you may feel with a specific practitioner or teacher.

I highly encourage you to follow your heart, and do your research into who is offering courses or sessions to you, their level of experience and their personal commitment to mentoring you during and after you have received your training or healing session. 

To Keep it simple, for you, I have just listed my prices so you do not have to hunt for them. :) 

On a personal note: When ever I connect to a person, either in a session or if they are taught by me, I feel it is my obligation to stand by you as you learn or integrated the energies received in a session. 

I remain connected with everyone, unless they move in another direction, either through email or messenger if they contact me for help or advice.

This is something I personally expect myself, when I take courses and have sessions,  and I have not always received the same level of professionalism. 

Keep it simple...Follow your Heart. 


These are REGULAR prices, and are subject to actually be less if I am offering a special deal.

All prices listed in Canadian Funds. USD, is less. 

Qshi:  Quantum Soul Healing Integration (working with the Rainbow Light Collective)

In Person Session: $400 - Up to 5 hours

Remote Session:  $375

Angel Fire Reiki - Rainbow Light Frequency

In Person Session : $125  1 Hour  - NOW $75 until Dec 31/19 

Remote Session Traditional: $55 half hour

Reiki and Chakra Balanceing - Rainbow Light Frequency

In Person Sessions: $155 up to 1 1/2 hour

Remote Session: $95



Qshi - 3 Day 

Classes are Remote unless an in person class is announced  $ 555.55 

Angel Fire Reiki Level 1 - Remote   $240

Angel Fire Reiki Transfer only - $99 

Returning for an AFR upgrade - 24.99


New meditations will be announced on my Patreon Page click to sign up.

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