Welcome to Student Hangout! 


Little oscar

DROP DOWN MENU ABOVE has access to Student pages. 

Once you have paid for your course, you will be instructed to fill out and return the forms and waivers. 

Once I receive them, the course will be unlocked for you. You will be able to take your time, and learn at your own pace. Watch the videos and read the manual to gain deeper insight.


You will always be connected to me, even though you are doing a digital class. I encourage all my students to join our Online support group on Facebook, so we can stay connected. You can always message me directly so that I can help you with any concerns you may have and encouragement while you are learning. 

Take your time watching the short videos and follow along with the Manual.

Its that simple!

The more time you take understanding Qshi Course, the more questions you will have...write them down, and keep them handy for when I can help you. :) I encourage everyone who joins, to start a journal for Qshi, so you have all info in one place. 

I'm excited you are joining our Qshi Family and look forward to helping you grow and learn, and share your excitement when you realize how rewarding these sessions are.