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Digital Download Qshi Class

Quantum Soul Healing Integration 

If you are thinking of stepping into  the Qshi Healing Modality, Congratulations!

You will love working with the collective and helping your clients receive answers to unresolved issues both emotionally and physically. 

It is very exciting and rewarding to see your clients receive deep healing and have clarity and peace brought to their life, due to having issues resolved during a 'Past Life Regression' session and by receiving a White Light  Body Scan. 

I have had 5 very successful classes  in 2018/19 .  We now have 26 Qshi Interns in Canada, US, UK and EU.  Sessions offered are in the languages of  English, Italian, French and German. 

At this time classes are available in Digital Download only, with continued help through email and discussion, with Suzanne after your class is complete. 


My class is made up of Video, Manual and discussion. Each chapter in the manual has corresponding video to bring further understanding and discussion to help you learn how to operate in a session. 


The Qshi Studen Hangout is where you will find all of your educational material. You can do this course as fast or as slow as you like. Once you feel ready, you can write the exam which is multiple choice questions, and then you will recieve your certificate. 


This truly is a magnificent modality, in this evolving world of constant change. 

See you in the class! 

Suzanne Bertolas

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