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What is Quantum Soul Healing Integration


Qshi, is a beautiful healing modality that allows the client to really dig deep to release their biggest fears and concerns in a private and comfortable setting.


The client lies on a healing bed, (remaining fully clothed) and is covered in blankets to mimic sleep time. This allows the client to fully relax and let go of stress to allow themself to fall into a deep meditative state, as they listen to a guided visualization with Suzanne. 

Many clients visit past lives or they are guided to a location with information that is vital to them dealing with their current life situations. 

Each session is controlled by the clients Higher Self, or their guides with gentle guidance from Suzanne, to help them understand the things they are concerned with. They also are able to benefit from the White Light Healing of a body scan and healing with the Angels. 


 is similar in structure to other methods of hypnosis healing work, however, quite often several meditations and relaxation techniques including Reiki Energy work is used,  in order to bring calm and relaxation to a client who may be over anxious or nervous prior to their session.

Suzanne has facilitated hundreds of healing sessions  and achieves very amazing results for her clients, with the help of her healing team., whether during a Quantum Session, Reiki Session or even during Readings. 

Suzanne works with God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Raphael, and many other Light beings and star family members. 

Other Things Qshi Offers: 

  • Free Style impromptu scripts and deepener meditations

  • Intuitive skills, hearing, seeing, knowing, visions etc.

  • hands on interaction or Reiki during the body scan as needed and guided by the Collective

  • Lost souls, entities and thought forms are released from the client in a variety of ways with the utmost respect and consideration to the attachment and the client. 

  • The client is fully aware and interacting with Suzanne and her healing team, and the clients Higher Self during the session

  • Jesus, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and other Masters work with Suzanne in her sessions, especially when deep healing is required.

  • After session discussion 

  • Post session follow ups and interaction where needed. 

Details of a Session

Qshi vs QHHT NO competition, Just a FEW Differences

QHHT is the form of hypnosis that was developed by Dolores Cannon. A world renowned therapist who's method of hypnosis and working with the Higher Self, has helped in the healing of thousands of clients over 4 decades. QHHT sessions are ONLY in person and not permissible to be remote and on line.


This is the method of hypnosis Suzanne was trained in, however, Being an Angel Fire Reiki Master Teacher, and a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher has had Suzanne working with the collective in healing work for years prior to QHHT training and this is why she was shifted very quickly by the collective so she could continue to work with them at a deeper capacity with clients. 

A QHHT session is limited in what is allowed to take place with a client including Remote online sessions.

The format of a session, is to spend time with a client to learn about them and the reasons why the would like a session. The client is taken into trance using specific wording with scripts and continues with a Past life regression and calling in the higher self to ask questions and for a body scan. 

There can be no physical connection between the practitioner and the client and after the client has achieved this, the session is completed and comes to an end. 

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