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Rainbow Frequency - Fine Mist Sprays              & Palm Chakra Oil

As guided by the Highest Collective, Suzanne has created several Fine Mist Sprays and Palm Chakra Oil, under the direction of Mother Mary, Jesus, Archangel Michael and  the rest of her team.

It was revealed to Suzanne, during Live Readings on her You Tube Channel, that the memories connected with scent is not only prevalent in the physical, but it extends beyond the veil and is encoded in our DNA at a Soul level. 

Mother Mary explained that when the sprays are used during healing sessions or just to connect to her and the angels, the Spirit remembers and allows a bridge to form between the energy of the collective and your own personal energy.

The sprays create an avenue for an easier integration to pull the collective through the distorted energy disrupting the connection.

"It takes the work out of trying to remember to ask for specific help, or wondering if when you call us silently if we will hear, Just spray or use the Palm Oil and we come through. This leaves you to focus on your healing work,knowing every time you feel you need extra assistance or more direct healing for a client, its a fun and direct way to work with us" 

The Rainbow, White Light Collective 

Formulas were carefully mixed drop by drop, guided by each member of her team, to represent the essence of each of their rainbow frequencies, and characteristics. Infused with Rainbow Light, Angel Fire Reiki.

Suzanne followed her guidance for each Rainbow Frequency Fine Mist Spray, from the design of each label, bottle and the combination of oils chosen.

This was a really fun project for me, interacting with my team, and at times feeling like I was on a scavenger hunt, looking for bottles, the oils and researching them to bring the scents to life! 



Divine Feminine Spray

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and Mother Earth. 

How to use the Oils:

Use the oils to call in the Ascended Master or Archangel you enjoy working with in healing sessions. 

Lightly mist your sacred space to use the Rainbow Frequency in meditation.

Infuse the oils into dream time, by lightly misting bed linens a few minutes before bed.


Or just spray above you where ever you are and let the fine mist fall and integrate with you in your personal sacred space.

5 Elements Fine Mist Spray

Regaining Your Balance - Soul Integration

  • We are all one.  

  • We are made up of and connected to all there is!

  • All the elements 

  • All the things we can see and All the things we can't. 


The Image on the Bottle is Suzanne's Original Design and it represents, 

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. 

All these things make up part of who we are, and they are meant to be integrated in a way with our soul that brings us

  • Insight

  • Clarity

  • Grounding

  • Connection and Wisdom

  • Optimum Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Reconnect to ALL that you are ! Your I AM Presence


   The  Collective 

  • Mother Mary

  • Jesus

  • Archangel Michael

  • The White Light Collective

Each spray has a combination of oils mixed in Purified and Restructured

water, as guided by the the collective and shared with Suzanne

Each spray embodies the light energy of of the Member of the collective

you choose to connect with, creating an avenue for an easier connection. 

Archangel Metatron:

Archangel Metatron stepped forward last to offer assistance for healing and meditation. 

Spray his special combination of oils, and his essence will slip through to build a merkabah around you or your client. 


Jesus - Palm Chakra Oil, is for the healer who wishes to connect hand to hand with the Master Healer.

Use for  in person or Distance Reiki Sessions, Rolling the oil on the Palm Chakra calls Jesus to you to aid you in your session work. 

It also can be used, for Massage Therapists, a little bit goes a long way. 

For Regular use, apply where you feel guided.

Jesus - Palm Chakra Oil - $ 19.99 for Blue Dropper Bottle (30 ml) 

 FREE  Palm Chakra Oil when you order the complete set !! 


Safety and Storage

It is important to note that essential oils are extremely flammable and caution should be taken when being used near an open flame. 

Expiration Date: The Rainbow Frequency Oils are created with high grade Essential oils, and mixed with purified and restructured water. If sprays are stored wisely the product should last for many months without any issues. 

Storing your Fine Mist Spray: 

Due to the fact the sprays are stored in frosted glass containers, which allows light to filter through, it is wise to keep them stored out of direct sunlight. 

Allergies: Please note, essential oils are created from flowers, plants, trees, sap, bark, some root vegetables and citrus fruit. Ingredients for all sprays are listed on the back of each bottle. 

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


SIZE & Price - Each 100ml Bottle    $ 25.00 each  Divine Feminine Spray $35 NEW 

Mix and Match


Set of 3 or more save 10% off total  price. 

Shipping NOT included. I will have to calculate at post office or Fed X and let you know cost prior to shipping. Must be paid first. 


I would advise pick up if in my area. (Cambridge Ontario) 

For GTA (Greater Toronto Area)  orders I may be able to save you the drive and you can pick up from my husbands work location.

(401 and Dixie general area) 

Payment: Due to the variations in the types of orders possible, Payment will be made through 

e-transfer or Paypal, or Cash if picking up  (if Canadian) or Paypal family transfer if outside of Canada.


1. Initial payment for product will be due upon ordering.

2. I will message you with the price for shipping once I have it packed and weighed at Post office. I will then contact you to make payment prior to me releasing the product. 


$40 advance shipping payment, and I will reimburse the difference to you,  with proof of receipt after payment has been made. 

(shipping my oracle cards internationally cost up to $26 CND so it gives me a rough idea) 

Please fill out the form below to order. The method to order will change in time as I figure it out. 

Orders will take up to one week to fill and shipping time on ​top of that will vary. 

thank you for your support, 


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