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Grab a coffee and lets Chat ! 

Pick my Brain :) 

On line Spiritual Chat time


When  I was waking up, I truly had no one to talk to in regard to spirituality except for my Grandmother. After she passed away, I had to fend for myself in the department of learning and understanding the abilities I had and  what I would wake up to in the coming years.

I watched movies, videos and read countless books on metaphysics and Angels to try to figure things out, and

the first book I read was called "You Forever"  by Lobsang Rampa and that book started me on my journey of knowing we were eternal beings. 


If you are on the awakening path, like I was, I understand where you are coming from.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming with so much conflicting information,  with other peoples understandings and information on the Internet.

Your curiosity can be peaked when you are trying to understand  new concepts and constructs.  

 You  may just need simple answers and understandings to come to a conclusion yourself, so you can move ahead and continue your journey with more clarity and confidence. 

I can help you with that, to the best of my ability tapping into my own truth, understandings, with help from my Collective, Angels, and Council of Nine.


If you would like to meet with me in my Zoom Room and chat face to face, we can discuss your concerns, answer questions and  perhaps I can pull some cards (if guided)

Sometimes you just need to connect one on one with someone who sees you right where you are ! 

FEE:  $  75.00 half hour

          $  $145  full hour


(after payment is received I will contact you via email to set a time. 

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