Remote Mini Healing Sessions

I now offer, a variety of Remote Sessions, through Zoom Conference Software, or Skype.

(Please Note: Remote, Quantum Soul Healing Sessions are offered through Zoom Only at this time)

One on one, is more personal, and completely private, unlike my LIVE readings on You Tube, or Facebook.

Keeping that in mind, allows you the freedom to speak of your spiritual awakening concerns the way you feel comfortable, in an open and honest and truthful expression of who you truly are.

There is no room for judgement in these sessions, you are free to be you...with me!

Browse through my choices of sessions below, that I am currently offering. If there is something else you would like to discuss, and if I feel I am able to offer you knowledge about it, then we are good to go.

Please let me know in the comment box below.

If you would like to contact me first, before purchasing a session, please also comment in the box below.

I will try to accommodate these sessions within a one week window. Please keep in mind, I will be maneuvering between

sessions that take longer hours to facilitate,  so I will do my best to fit you in ASAP

Remote Mini Healing Sessions

Quantum Soul Healing Hypnosis  here


1. Awakening - Remembering Truths - Releasing Restrictions - Reaching a NEW Reality !

In this session we will chat to uncover what is blocking you from moving forward on your awakening path. We will uncover these in a fun and interactive way, keeping things lively, pulling Cards, Channeling the Council of Nine, and your own higher self as it filters messages through my own team.

The session will be guided by our teams, and will be presented in a way that is for your greatest and highest good!

1hr  - 1 1/2 hour - $110 CND

2. Spirit Chat - All things Spiritual or Metaphysical


Q & A - All things from Reiki, Working with Angels, Light Beings, Seeing Through the Veil, Visions, Dreams, Energy etc..

I've been on my own Spiritual Journey for decades and I've learned quite a bit in a way my own team has taught me.

I am more than happy to answers things to the best of my own knowledge as it has been presented to me, to help you along

your journey. Of course, no one has all the answers,but I find it very interesting what comes forward when two Higher Selves get together and drop information down for us!

1hr  - 1 1/2 hour - $ 110

3. Cross Roads - With White Light Healing Body Scan and Meditation

Where do you go from here?

The Angels, have always guided people to me for healing work, when they are in exactly this a Cross Roads. So in this session, we will just talk, pull cards, discuss options and ideas based on what the Council of Nine filters down to me.


This is like a  mini Quantum Healing Session. after a chat, I will guide you on a journey, you can explore for a short time and see what comes forward for you ;)

There are no guarantees, you will go anywhere visually, you may gain insight, or downloads, upgrades, or rest in the white light for a bit.

It will be determined by how quickly you can relax, and trust your Higher Self to bring forward exactly what is meant for you during the session.

Once you are relaxed in the meditation, I will call in the Angels, Arch Angels, Light beings, and your higher Self, to start a body scan for you similar to in a Full QHHT  or Quantum Soul Healing session. I will also send Distance Reiki

You may experience, feelings of energy moving through your body, or heat or cold sensations. Everyone experiences differently when the white light healing takes place. The Angels will remain connected to you for as long as it takes for them

to work on you.

 2 Hour includes Meditation

and White light Body Scan & distance

Angelic Holy Fire II Reiki



Once you choose your session type, please fill out the form beside the buy button for me.. I will try to connect the same day.

Please note Remote fees have been raised slightly due to transaction and conversion fees. Thank you

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