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Qshi - Quantum Soul Healing Integration
Remote Sessions


I feel everyone, no matter where they live, should be able to experience this extraordinary type of healing and this is why I have decided to follow my guidance and offer this through White Dragonfly Healing, via

Zoom Conferencing Software.  ( you do not need to download this , I will provide you with a link to our Zoom Room prior to your session. 

If you are ready then let me explain the process.
These are your requirement for a successful session.

I have made sure, I personally have very good equipment, computer, Headphones, and a good microphone with direct connection to my computer, and a direct connection to my router, NO WIFI ON MY END AT ALL. I want to assure you all, I have done my part to facilitate the best connection I can from my end.

  1. computer with camera, tablet or smart phone or device. 

  2. Secure Internet Connection -(Direct plug in to outlet if possible) NO BLUE TOOTH

  3. NO WIFI please. (I will not be responsible if you choose to use WIFI and we lose connection. it is important to supply yourself with the best possible connection you can manage. Remember if you have a concern in the back of your mind that you may lose connection, that will hinder your relaxation process.

  4. Headphones with a good mic attached.

  5. Direct connection to your computer, again, NO WIFI units are recommend

  6. 4-5 hours of privacy in a quiet, location, perhaps dimly lit, where no interruptions will occur.

  7. comfortable couch, or bed to lie on, perhaps a light blanket to cover you to simulate 'sleep time'

Your Session!

This is how your session will be...

  1. We will get set up and make sure our connections are good, and sound and then we will have a per-session chat. I will get to know you, and your expectations for your session. We basically will become acquainted with each other so there is a nice level of relaxation and trust :) approx 1-1 1/2 hour, in this time we will also go through your questions, so I have a good understanding of what you would like to learn and get answers for. 

  2. We will take a quick break for the washroom before we get you ready and in position.

  3. Once you are comfy and our levels are good for audio and I can see you on the video, We will start with a simple visualization exercise.

  4. I will take you into trance, and you will explore Past Lives, or where ever your higher self is wanting you to travel to.

  5. Calling in the Higher Self.

  6. Body Scan & Questions.

  7. Upon completion i will bring you out of trance

  8. We will have after session chat for a short while

  9. Session Ends, when I feel you are awake and feeling balanced.

  10. Later in the Evening, or the next morning, I will check in with you to make sure you are doing great!

Are you ready to start the process?
If so go ahead and send your deposit and lets connect to book your session!!

PLEASE NOTE: I will try to accommodate your session within a month of you contacting me. Remote sessions are booked along side, In person sessions, Reiki classes and Sessions, and In-depth Readings. I appreciate your patients as I book you in as quickly as I can.

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