Welcome to the Student Hangout! & ClassRoom 
I wish you all the best as you step into Qshi . Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life's journey!
Suzanne Bertolas
​This is where you start:
If you have paid in full for your course and do not have your password to access the forms contact Suzanne
Attention Digital Download only Class
  1. Once Payment is Made I will contact you directly with instructions to start your class. 
  2. Fill out forms and waivers and return to White Dragonfly Healing (you will then be emailed the password to enter the course, if you are doing a digital download only class
  3. Download Manual and Watch corresponding videos as you go through manual
  4. Down load scripts after you have completed manual and videos
  5. Complete Exam 
  6. Receive your certificate after Exam is sent to Suzanne
  7. Join in on Zoom Get together with other students 
  8. Join Facebook Group for extra support
  9. New content added continuously. 
Please note: Digital Download Class no longer includes Angel Fire Reiki Transfer. You can arrange a private session with Suzanne to do the transfer at a cost of $99 or wait for the next class. 

Now that you are ready to start your Qshi Class, take your time to read, and watch the corresponding videos!

There is no rush, you need to truly understand the modality you are stepping into before you start offering this service for clients. 

The course is basic, and really not that long..but it is always growing and evolving, so keep checking back even after you have completed the course for updates, also sign up for our Facebook Student Group help page. 

Remember ONCE a month if time allows, I will host a FREE Zoom room get together for students to interact and discuss their findings and problems that may arise during sessions. 

You will find, the more you interact with myself and other students and teachers, you will feel more comfortable and be more confident in your work. 

SO...going through all the video and manual is important so when you are ready to do the test you feel confident. 



ON line Zoom Qshi Class & Digital Down load Class Content

For On line Class only

Please Note: there are NO refunds for Digital download class once the class is unlocked for you for any reason. Please make sure you read all the forms and waivers carefully, and then return them to me to receive your personal password for the class.

Please submit Certificate of qualification FIRST HERE if you have previous training in QHHT, BQH, or Introspective Hypnosis to receive discount for your class. 

Approx $418 USD or $343 USD for Discounted class.

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