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White Light body Scan Healing Meditations 
Find #1, #4, #5,  on You Tube
Unfortunately Meditations #2 and #3 were lost in the transition from my Old You Tube Channel, to my new one. 
Enjoy White Light Body Scan Healing Meditations 6-8 below and  1-4 here

#9 White Light Meditation

Three Archangels / Guardian/ Chakra Balance    March 13th 2020


#8 White Light Meditation

Meeting your Angel - January 10, 2020


#7 Soul Star Meditation

 Releasing Sexual disturbances 2019


#6 White Light Meditation

Be the best you ! Angel Fire Reiki Cleanse 2019

If you enjoyed these meditations, I'd love to hear your comments hugs, Suzanne
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