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Quantum Soul Healing
White Light Body Scan ~ Healing Meditation

There is nothing more satisfying than working hard and knowing that what you do impacts the lives

of others in a good way!

The first meditation was so much fun...I was watching the numbers as people left the room after the meditation, chatting with Eva and Patrick, and knowing full well...some people were so relaxed they fell asleep :)

Join Me for the next Meditation
A new journey, a renewed perspective !
White Light Body Scan Meditations
Monday September 24th at 7pm EST
Wednesday October 24th at 7pm
Monday November 23rd at 7pm
December 22nd Merry Christmas to YOU!! FREE
Monday September 24th at 7pm EST
for September
on my 
YOU TUBE Channel
I have upgraded my room for a smoother transition throughout the whole process from registration to entering the room.
All information is provided for you on your Approved Registration Receipt. Keep it in a safe place.
NOTE: Testing the link on the receipt will ensure that your device is compatible with the ZOOM Webinar Room.

Some comments from the first meditation

See the LIVE feed after the first Meditation here.

This was the best meditation I’ve ever experienced. I felt the energy throughout my entire body, a heaviness and tingling that made me feel almost paralyzed for a few minutes after it was over. Participant

Where do I begin?! How do I put into words one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever experienced in meditation? F.S

Thanks Suzanne. It was so lovely. it was 9am here in Melbourne Australia. I blitzed out after and slept for 2 hour. Participant

To Join the next mediation:

You will need a set of headphones and a smart device that will allow strong connection to Internet, and power that won't be interrupted. And, of course a comfy place to sit or lay down for about 45 min to an hour.


With our combined energy, including our personal collective of Angels, Guides, Higher Selves and Family from earth and the stars, the energy and healing during this meditation will be magical and extremely powerful.

Joining in will be my own personal healing team of Angels, Light beings, Arcturians, Star Family and the Elohim. Jesus, and our loving creator along with many Arch Angels, and of course The Council of Nine Races of Angels who teach me and guide me as I grow in my work.

This White Light Body Scan, is as powerful as a full blown QHHT or Quantum Soul Healing in person Body Scan, where we access the Higher Self. The only difference, is we are not able to contact the higher self during this mediation and have a verbal conversation. But... that is coming :)

I will guide you to a magical place, where you will be able to be at peace and receive the White Light Body scan, or you will be free to explore while in the relaxed state from the meditation.

Either way, the Body Scan will be healing you and working to help shift energetic blocks and suppressed pain and old ways of being.

Now it is time to

  • renew and move forward

  • let go and trust in your own personal healing with love from your Higher Self

  • be open to receive this loving energy from Creator

  • Set your life on a new path

  • or reinforce the one you are on now

  • Enjoy how your life will change when you take this very positive step forward


Shift into the highest frequency you can to help anchor you, and uplift you in the new energies that are bathing our beautiful planet at this moment.

You can either ride the wave, and help yourself, or not.


The choice is always up to you.

Results of a one on one Remote Body Scan !!

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